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Piracy can be funny.

December 25, 2009

Hilarious and totally unauthorized pirated DVD version of my film, The Local.

The ease with which copyrighted property is stolen and distributed wasn’t something I gave much thought to before I had anything to sell the world. With the recent release of The Local, I now think about piracy all the time. I can find my work – as well as the work of many colleagues – pirated and made available all over the internet. One site even offers my film with Arabic subtitles – something our foreign distributor would probably charge us a lot of money to have done.

The most typical form of piracy for movies is the good old “DVD rip”. The pirate gets the DVD, recompresses it, and chops it up into little pieces (to be reassembled later) so it can be easily distributed over the internet. The movie parts are seeded in torrents and then shipped all over the web via file-sharing networks, getting gobbled up by movie hungry spend-thrifts everywhere, bringing joy to many, and costing the makers of “Transporter 2” millions of rubles, yen, etc., in imagined DVD revenue.

The image in this post is from a website offering bulk purchases of a pirated DVD version of my film, The Local. It’s rare that such a small release as mine would garner hard-copy piracy, so its with pride I present to you a new, improved back cover of the DVD, featuring an image of me with a burger stuffed in my face.

I was also pleased to see that the MPAA saw fit to go easy on us with a PG-13 rating, despite the film’s pervasive blue language, graphic violence and nudity. Even on the high seas of DVD piracy, its all about butts in seats!

I would love to own this pirated version of my film, but sadly, the geniuses at BLUCABIN are “out of stack”. Their unusual choice of syntax leads me to believe there would have been additional customs charges involved anyway.

Sorry guys, you’ll have to buy 200 copies of Crank 2 instead! Now rated PG-13!